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Stepmum cheers up bored kids with incredible movie night transforming lounge into campsite

When it comes to keeping kids entertained during the coronavirus lockdown, everyone has their own parenting style and ideas.

One stepmum has gone all out to try and make the long stretch of time at home feel fun for her partner’s children, setting up a special movie night for them.

The woman, named Carla Kerr, set up a campfire movie night in her living room, using items she had around the home – and it looks incredible.

Carla shared a video of the room’s transformation in the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where it quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Alongside the footage, the woman wrote: “Campfire movie night idea!

“To create the fire you will see in the end video I used cardboard to create a circle around a bowl. Then I made flames out of card board and tissue paper and glue them together.

“I used LED lights placed in the centre of the bowl. For around the fire I collected stones and sticks!”

As well as creating a miniature fire, the stepmum also made a tent out of foam play mats and sheets, strung up fairy lights and created a starry sky effect on the ceiling.

She also set up a snacking station for the little ones, with a sign joking that they shouldn’t feed the bears.

The sweet treats included marshmallows and crisps.

People were really impressed with her efforts.

One fellow bargain hunter replied: “Looks brilliant. Bet they will love it.”

Another said: “How cool is this?!”

A third commented: “Lovely and great idea too would have loved to seen the kids faces and them enjoying it.”

“Adopt me,” proclaimed someone else.

A fifth added: “Looks awesome.”

Others responded saying they’d definitely be having a go at making their own version at home.