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Mum brands homeschooling a ‘f***ing joke’ in message about pressure on parents

A mum has said homeschooling during the coronavirus crisis is a ‘f***ing joke’ and she is more focused on keeping her son happy and content.

Sarah Parcak, a renowned archaeologist from the US, was praised by other parents for speaking about the pressures being faced by parents and their children following the closure of schools.

The mum said she had replied to her son’s teacher to say that they will not be participating in her ‘virtual classroom’ and he was ‘done’ with first grade (year two).

In a thread on Twitter she wrote that they ‘cannot cope with this insanity’ and would be putting survival and protecting his well-being first.

Sarah and her partner both work full time, which she says she balances with running a non-profit organisation, a complex project in Egypt and a Covid-19 tracking platform.

With housework also to do, she said ‘managing his education is a bridge too far right now’.

“The thought of homeschooling makes me want to barf,” she said. “It’s a f***ing joke.

“He reads a lot. Plays outside a lot. We read to him a lot and talk to him a lot. He gets history lessons. There is an app where he can choose books to be read to him. We watch a fun movie every night. He plays playmobile with my husband (mega imagination).

“Our goal is to have our son come out of this happy and not be long term emotionally scarred (lord knows life will do that anyways). F*** worksheets. F*** s****y math worksheets especially.”

She added that although some older children could cope better with independent work, the ‘littles cannot’.

She continued: “What in the actual f*** is he missing? Like, he knows more history already than most adults.

“I give you permission to let it all go. It doesn’t f***ing matter. School doesn’t f***ing matter right now.

“All your kids will remember is how they were loved. Promise.”

The thread racked up thousands of likes and comments, with many other parents agreeing with her stance.

One commented: “Hey Sarah. I’m so with you. This is exactly me right now. Thanks for this thread.”

Another said: “Absolutely agree on this. Every child/family different. I’m currently inundated with emails/robocalls from school. Art and music teacher with recommended work? For 4th grade? Cmon. No.”

A teacher also commented to say she ‘gets it’, writing: “It’s okay. We are all in survival mode. Do what is right for your family and stay safe.”