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Mum hits back at people shaming daughter, 4, for still wearing nappies

It’s no secret that parents always want the best for their kids, but sometimes they have to accept that they can’t control everything.

While you can try and help and provide encouragement, some children need to be left to develop at their own speed.

One mum has learned this lesson recently and it’s something she feels other parents should think about – especially before they judge others.

Parenting blogger Laura Mazza took to social media to reveal that she had been shamed for the fact her four-year-old daughter, Sofia, still wears nappies.

In a post on Instagram, the mum-of-three explained how she’d received “dirty looks” for not toilet training the youngster, but she wasn’t going to let that get to her, as she knew her daughter would make progress in her own time.

The powerful post read: “She is four years old. Four years. Five weeks and One day. And she isn’t toilet trained.

“When she was six months old, she didn’t sit up. Not even at eight months.

“I took her to a specialist and he said she’s fine, she will do it, ‘in her own time’. And she did.

“She didn’t walk until much later and we worried so much but when I took her to a specialist, they said, she will get there, ‘she’s just doing it in her own time’.

“She didn’t speak as quickly as her brothers. While they were counting to 10 before two, she barely spoke.
I took her to a specialist, and she said ‘she will do it in her own time.’ And she did. She doesn’t shut up.”

The mum continued: “She’s met milestones later than them. She’s different. But I’ve done nothing different. I’ve loved them all the same.

“She’s funny, she’s fierce, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. She is creating her own life. She is doing things differently because she is different. She does things in her own way, and in her own time.

“So today when I was met with a disproving look, one of shock and full of judgement about her not wanting to toilet train. I confidently shook my head and I proudly said ‘she will do it. In her own time’.”

Laura’s post was met with an outpouring of support.

One person replied: “I literally felt like I was reading a story about my daughter!! It is so hard. SO SO hard to not feel like you’re doing something wrong by not forcing them, but I cant bring myself to do it! I’m so happy you shared this, thank you.”

Another said: “Kids do things at their own time. My little girl didn’t walk til 15 months MIL kept reminding me that her son walked at nine months.”

A third added: “My daughter is the same age. Refuses to toilet train also!! Thanks for the comforting reminder the day WILL come.”

Someone else wrote: “This is perfect. And so so so true. Do not judge yourself and your child with other people’s preconceived ideas. Go with the flow, let it happen.”