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The best reusable makeup pads to keep your skin (and the planet) clean

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We’re all looking for ways to be a bit kinder to our planet as well as save money wherever we can, especially in light of recent furloughs and redundancies due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

While may not be able to change the world overnight, there are small, individual steps we can take at home to do our bit to offset our environmental footprint, as well as save money through buying less. Number one on the hit list? Changing our habit towards single-use beauty. The majority of cotton buds, cotton pads and face wipes we buy contain the plastic polypropylene which doesn’t decompose. They enter our landfills or our oceans, and stay there, causing havoc for the wildlife that live there.

While convenient, the way that we dispose of our face wipes has huge ramifications – 93% of sewer blockages are caused by the 9.3 million face wipes flushed down the loo everyday and an investigation of the Thames found that entire riverbeds had been created from the hundreds of thousands of wipes that end up there (a problem seen in rivers around the world).

Given the amount of face wipes we’d personally use throughout our lifetime, a small switch on our part, can in fact make an enormous difference.

Reusable cotton pads and facial cloths are the solution – enabling us to use the same piece of material over 500 times (or for up to a year). And, once you get into the habit, the effort involved is minimal. Throw them into the was along with the rest of your laundry once or twice a week and you’re good to go.

These are the best reusable makeup pads…

Face Halo Makeup Remover Pads, £17.95 for 3, Beauty Bay
Designed to be used alone with water (although we’d suggest you pair it with a cleanser if you’re wearing a full face of makeup), this can be reused 500 times (!!) and has already proven a hit with makeup artists and celebs (it was even used on stage by Jess Glynne at last year’s Brit Awards).

GLOV Moon Pads, £8.90, Look Fantastic
These microfibre cloths require only water to remove even waterproof mascara, as well as lightly exfoliating and cleansing the skin.

Face Theory Tendertouch Reusable 100% Organic Cotton Pads, £19.99, Face Theory
Made from 100% unbleached, organic cotton, the thick pads are a generous size to help sweep away a full face of makeup, and these can be reused again and again for a year, after which, they’re fully compostable.

Magnitone London Wipe Out, £12.99, Amazon
This promises exceptional cleansing without the need for a cleanser (to save on additional waste). Don’t believe a single cloth can oust your mascara? Try it and see…

Huku Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, £9.99, Amazon
This little pot contains 16 reusable bamboo cotton pads (plenty to see you through the week) and a cotton mesh bag to keep them altogether in the wash.

Sensai Sponge Chief, £10, Amazon
This cloth sponge hybrid removes makeup and cleansing products from the skin as well as gently exfoliating without causing any irritation.

Awesome Crafts By DG Reusable White Cotton Rounds, £6.50, Etsy
These pretty rainbow-rimmed cotton pads are lovely and soft on skin and can be used, washed and reused on repeat.

Mummy Marvellous Makes Reusable Face Pads With Wash Bag, £8.95, Etsy
These bee print pads are adorable and you can pick it in the fabric of your choice – provided you like terry towelling or fleece.

Tabitha Eve Reusable Make Up Pads, £4.99, Circla
Made from naturally antibacterial organic bamboo, these clever little discs are the perfect alternative to traditional cotton pads.

Sasawashi Exfoliating Face Cloth, £12, Vanderohe
This unique reusable cleansing cloth is made from an all-natural fabric, which combines traditional Japanese paper and bamboo and is antibacterial, oil-absorbing and exfoliating all in one.